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Extra Info

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Naturally Raised-

I am a Breeder that raises kittens naturally. This means Kittens are unmedicated. It is the best way to prevent


Kittens are not sold spayed or neutered. After the kitten is sold to the Buyer, the Buyer is completely responsible for any health, training, and/or emergency services. 

How To Pick Your Kitten-

1. Watch for announcements of babies posted either on my website and/or to the public.
2. Watch my YouTube channel for videos. Pick the kitten you are interested in.

3. Fill out the Kitten Application.

4. Wait for my response, which will be fairly quick.

5. We will make arrangements for pick up in Portola, CA.

6. Upon meeting, I will accept your cash payment.

7. You can take your new kitten home!

Kitten Prices-

Kittens are $1000 cash.
No deposit required.

Rehoming Age-

Kittens are ready for new homes at
10 weeks old.

Honor System-

If you have any reason you are unable to keep the kitten, return the kitten back to me. There will be no monetary reimbursement if returned. I do have the right to not sell a kitten.

Do I have a Waiting List?-

Yes, I do have a waiting list.
Just fill out the Waiting List application. I will message you that I have received your request for a future kitten, and notify you when a new litter is born. Waiting List families will see pictures early and are able pick their kittens at 8 weeks old.

Kitten Application-

The Kitten Application will serve not only as a way to let me know you are interested in a kitten, but also as an agreement form signing that you understand all that entails with purchasing your new kitten.

Kitten Pick up-

Pick up will be made in Portola, CA. If for any reason you do not make the meet up, the kitten will go to a new family. No questions asked. 
I do not ship kittens.

Breeder Support-

I offer Breeder Support to Mountain Kitten families 24-7. If you have a question, an update, or would like to just talk Mountain Kittens, feel free to reach out through phone calls, emails, or texts. 


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