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The kittens I raise, I have named Mountain Kittens.

Mountain Kittens are a new breed of cat in the works. My family and I began creating this breed in 2016. Mountain Kittens are becoming very popular with amazing homes all across the Country.

Mountain Kittens are a carefully designed hybrid kitten bred from the magnificent Siberian and beautiful Ragdoll breeds. This makes our kittens an exotic masterpiece. Mountain Kittens are a large and strong cat that can have either long length thick fur or medium length thick fur, meant to resemble a bear cub with a long fluffy tail.  Mountain Kittens come in five beautiful colors, such as black, black tux, smoke black, seal point, and calico. Pictures are in the Kitten Gallery. A male Mountain Kitten can grow to be up to be around 30 lbs. by 3 years old. A female can grow up to be around 15 lbs. by 3 years old. Our Mountain Kittens can grow to withstand cold winters and warm summers. They are born and raised indoors to make it easier for you to have a strictly indoor kitten, if you choose. Mountain Kittens are quick to move. When it's time to play, they are ready! Mountain Kittens do possess the dog like playfulness. They will play fetch, follow you around, and talk to you. They love is most when they are with their families. Mountain Kittens are very affectionate. They make great lap kitties.

I am natural breeder of Mountain Kittens. Our Mountain Kittens come from a long generation of unmedicated parents. Kittens will also come unmedicated. This also makes Mountain Kittens an especially 'One-Of-A-Kind' 100% multi- generational non- medicated DNA kitten breed. A very rare trait in kittens today. Bred to eliminate Vaccinosis. When the kitten joins your family, you have the choice to medicate.

Each Momma cat has an In-House ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. Each breeding cat has its genetics tested by Neogen/Catscan to ensure each kitten is genetically sound with unaltered DNA. Each kitten is litter trained, eating hard and soft foods, accustomed to home activities, raised with children, large dogs, and older cats. And, come pre-spoiled.

I do not claim our kittens to be hypoallergenic.

Mountain Kittens is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. In a little town called Portola. Portola is a 45 minutes drive north-west of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

My passion for raising kittens began when I was a young child. I began raising kittens in the 1980's. I have always had a kitten to call my own.


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